Hilbar Royal Exklusiv Bridle – Black


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This Royal Exklusiv Bridle is underlaid with black padded leather on the browband and noseband. The stitching on the browband and noseband are black to match the padding, and it includes a removable black flash attachment.

The new Hilbar Royal Exklusiv Collection is comprised of state of the art bridles due to their ergonomic fitting and high quality, to provide the most comfort to the horse.

  • The headstall was designed in conjunction with veterinarians in Germany to provide nerve relief from pressure behind the ears. The ear cut outs reduce the amount of pressure applied to the poll and the first cervical vertebra “Atlas”, which is where many ear nerves lie and is the beginning of nuchal ligament. The headstall is also well padded and slightly wider to distribute the pressure more evenly and reduce tension.
  • The noseband has been integrated with the headstall with buckle guards to avoid excess rubbing or pinching to the horse. It also allows for quick access to interchange and customize pieces of the bridle. Specific nosebands in this collection may also come in a glossy black option.
  • On the English Combination Nosebands we have included an Invisible Flash attachment. You can remove the flash from the noseband and there will be no trace that it was ever there.
  • The bridle is made from high quality full grain English leather which is soft and supple but will stand up to everyday wear and tear. The ergonomic design was created to reduce the disturbances and discomforts to the horse, which will allow more focus on the task at hand and overall comfort.

Each set comes with a noseband and a headstall that will be matching in style. These Bridles do not come with reins.

Please note these bridles do not have a throat latch.

Comes with Silver hardware only.

This bridle is one size and extremely adjustable. It will adjust to fit sizes (Pony to Small Horse): Icelandic, Arabian, Paso, etc.. Please refer to the Proper Fit and Sizing Page for more information.

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