Return and Exchange Policy

Our goal is to accurately describe our products through photos and descriptions on our site. If you are still unsure of a product please send us a message through our Contact Us Page before you make a purchase.

If you would like to return or exchange a product please complete the following form.


    I confirm that I have read Eaglewood Equestrian Supplies' the Return Policy below this online contact form.

    I certify that the product(s) I am returning and/or exchanging are in new salable condition, and are accompanied by the original packaging and tags.


    Orders may only be cancelled up to 48 hours past the order time.

    Orders that wish to be cancelled after this time will be subject to a 5% order value restocking fee.

    All Christmas orders can only be returned or exchanged by January 25th.

    Products eligible for return or exchange are:

    • In new/salable condition
    • Free of any visible damage, dirt, or wear. This includes loose animal hairs.
    • Unaltered in anyway
    • Returned in original packaging free of damage (including and not limited to scratches, water damage, dirt, folds in packaging, etc.)
    • Accompanied by all merchandise tags
    • Accompanied by sales invoice
    • Unused Fager Bits- With special tag still on mouth piece
    • Unused Bomber’s Bits – Once used they change colour
    • Hoof Boots and Shoes – Must be clean inside and out, otherwise will not be eligible for return
    • Any products that arrive damaged and are reported via our Contact Us page within 5 days of the shipment arrival date

    Products that are not eligible for return or exchange are:

    • Any product that has been used
    • Products that have been treated with scented products (Perfume, deodorizer etc.)
    • Ingestible Products (Supplements, Treats, Wormers, etc.)
    • Medicated Products (Liquids, Gels, Sprays, Powders, etc.)
    • Any opened Topical, Spray, Gel or Liquid
    • Microchips and Implanters
    • Open Bandaging Supplies
    • evin Bacons Products
    • Saddles (New/Used/Consignment)
    • Any Leather product that has been treated with leather soap, conditioner, oil, and/or any other substance
    • Books and DVDs
    • Custom and special order products
    • Ebay, Kijiji, or Facebook Purchases unless otherwise noted
    • Trial Bits
    • Any products that arrive damaged and are NOT reported via our Contact Us page within 5 days of the shipment arrival date

    Conditions for returns and exchanges on clothing, horse/dog blankets, and saddle pads:

    • Must have tags attached to garment.
    • Must not be visibly dirty, worn, washed, or have loose animal hairs.
    • Must be returned in packaging exactly how it arrived to you (must be folded correctly in garment bags).

    Product Return or Exchange Timeline – 30 Days:

    In store purchase – 30 days inclusive of purchase and return date:

    • 30 days from the date of purchase to the date of return.
    • Example: purchase date Jan 1 = Return date before or on Jan 30.

    Online purchase – 30 days inclusive of shipment arrival date and return shipping date:

    • 30 days from the date of shipment arrival to the date the shipment is accepted by shipping company on its way back to our facility.
    • Example: shipment arrival date Jan 1 = Shipment must be accepted (date stamped) by shipping company before or on Jan 30.

    We will not accept Returns or Exchanges outside of this Timeline.

    Return Product Shipping:

    Original Shipping Costs:

    Shipping costs will not be refunded that fall below our $100 Free Shipping threshold.

    Orders that were originally shipped as “free shipping” to the customer (orders over $100), will not be refunded our shipping cost.

    For example:

    1. Your single item purchase total was $120.00 and shipped to you for free.
    2. Our shipping cost was $15.00 for the package to be sent to you.
    3. You will only be refunded $120.00 – $15.00 = $105.00

    Return Shipping Costs:

    We will not accept collect shipments, and they will be refused.

    We strongly suggest that adequate insurance be added to any return shipments, as we will not be responsible for any products that arrive damaged, or do not arrive at all.

    Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

    Exchange Product Shipping:

    Please note that a $5.00 CAD handling fee for products wishing to be exchanged may be charged.

    Returns from the USA:

    The above policy applies to all returns/exchanges regardless of location.

    In addition:

    Please use United States Postal Service, which transfers to Canada Post.

    When completing the broker/value of goods please declare as RETURN OF CANADIAN GOODS. Do not mark as Sale. Please also be aware that if you do not put the correct value of goods you will not be covered for the total amount in the event of a claim.

    If incorrectly marked as Sale, the shipment may be charged duty, taxes, and a broker fee. We are not responsible for these fees and the customer will be responsible for payment.

    Crediting a Refund – When will you receive your money back:

    A refund will be credited back to the original method of purchase.

    • If you paid with a PayPal Account, it will be refunded on your PayPal Account.
    • If you paid with a Credit Card WITHOUT a PayPal Account, it will be refunded back on to the Credit Card that you originally paid with.
    • If you paid with E Transfer, it will be sent back to you as an E Transfer
    • If you paid with Cash or Cheque, you will receive that back respectively.

    Important Information if you paid with a Credit Card without a PayPal Account, but through the PayPal Portal:

    If you paid with a credit card, the funds are refunded to your credit card. If the credit card you paid with is closed or invalid, the money will still be refunded to your credit card account. Please Note: it can take 30-45 days for a refund to appear on your credit card statement. This is out of our control, and the length time for the refund to be applied is the choice of your credit card company.