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Terms and Conditions


Due to the nature of our business, we reserve the right to increase or decrease the retail price of any products listed on our website without notice. We will do our best to reduce costs to pass on lower prices to our customers, but due to fluctuations in currencies we cannot guarantee this.

In the unfortunate circumstance that there may be an error in the price of a product listed on the website, we reserve the right to correct the price after an order has been placed. In this situation notice will be given to the customer.

Description and Accuracy of Products

Our goal is to accurately describe all of our products through photos and descriptions on our website. We are not responsible for sudden variations in products by suppliers that we are not informed of ahead of time. In this situation if possible, notice will be given to the customer.

Website Images, Descriptions, and Designs

The content displayed on our entire website, Facebook Page, Instagram Account, and marketing materials is used with appropriate permissions and through the creation of our brand. Use of our images, descriptions and designs for personal or commercial use is prohibited without permission from Eaglewood Equestrian Supplies.

Privacy Policy

Eaglewood Equestrian Supplies does not release or condone the unauthorized use of your personal information that may be submitted through an order on our website or communication.

To provide secure payment options we offer payments through trusted and proven payment processors (PayPal and Square). Your personal information is safe, as our site is encrypted and secured with an SSL Certificate, and by means of other stringent security measures.

We will not provide your personal information to our suppliers for direct/drop shipping. Products always will come through us for inspection before being sent to the end customer.


Please Review the following table for applicable taxes for Canadian Provinces. International orders are tax exempt. International Taxes and/or duty may be charged by governing body of your country when products enter the country (this is beyond our control).

  • Ontario – HST 13%
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – HST 15%
  • New Brunswick – HST 15%
  • Prince Edward Island – HST 15%
  • Nova Scotia – HST 15%
  • Alberta – GST 5%
  • British Columbia – GST & PST 12%
  • Nunavut – GST 5%
  • Northwest Territories – GST 5%
  • Yukon – GST 5%
  • Saskatchewan – GST & PST 10%
  • Manitoba – GST & PST 13%
  • Quebec – GST & PST 14.975%

Payment Terms

All payments must be prepaid. In the event that an order has been shipped or delivered before payment, the outstanding amount is due within 30 days of order/receipt date. After these 30 days, interest will be charged at a rate of 1% per day on the principal.