Saddle Trials

We offer 7 day trials on available saddles. Saddles can be shipped for trials with a credit card deposit. Saddles are shipped with appropriate insurance and the cost is paid by the customer.

If you would like to arrange a saddle trial or inquire about shipping costs for a trial, send us a message via our Contact Us page.

Saddles returned from trials should be arrive in the same condition as when it left our store. Please take necessary precautions to avoid marks or scratches in the leather. Do not ride in jeans or pants that have studs or any other accessories that may mark the saddle.

Stirrups may be used with the saddle with leather covers to protect the flaps. Most of our saddles allow you to use the stirrup leathers underneath (where girth attaches) the flaps to avoid damage. If it is not possible to use the leathers under the flaps please protect the saddle by using leather covers, a cloth to wrap, or a pair of tall socks to slip over them.

Any saddles treated with leather soap, conditioner or oil will not be eligible to receive a full deposit refund upon return. Altering a saddle in any way (re-flocking, gullet or tree adjustments) will void the Saddle Trial Agreement, resulting in the full purchase of the saddle.

Further adjustments on new saddles (Gullet/Tree) are the responsibility of the customer AFTER the purchase. Saddles may be sent back to Kieffer with a wither tracing at the customer’s expense. Most of our saddles can be altered by certified saddle fitters. Please contact us before altering new saddles to ensure the warranty will not be voided.

Bit Fitting

We are an authorized Bomber’s bit retailer and fitter.

We can walk you through the steps to selecting the correct bit for your horse:

  • Measuring your horse’s mouth
  • Discussing your horse’s needs and your riding goals
  • Selecting the correct mouth and cheek piece for your horse
  • Calculating the correct bit size from the mouth measurement

Please send us a message on our Contact Us page to get started.

Bit Trials

Please Click Here to go to our Bit Trial Page.

We now offer 10 day trials on select bits.

There is no fee to Trial a bit – you must only pay the shipping.

If you decide you like the bit and would like to make a purchase:

1. You may purchase the trial bit at a reduced rate. We offer a 10% discount on used trial bits. Trial bits are non refundable.

2. If you would like a brand new bit – Please Contact Us and we will arrange for a brand new bit to be sent to you. The original Trial bit shipping fees will not be refunded. The customer is responsible for the shipping both ways. The new bit (if over $100 CAD) will be shipped free of charge once we receive the Trial bit back at Eaglewood.


Trial bits are shipped with Canada Post Regular Parcel with adequate insurance.

The customer is responsible for shipping both ways:

  1. From Eaglewood to your location (If your location is in the USA – duty and taxes may be charges at the border)
  2. From your location back to Eaglewood (If your location is in the USA – any duty or taxes coming back into Canada will be paid by the customer)

We require full payment of the bit before the trial period as a deposit. Once the bit has been returned to us (without damage) you will be refunded the value of the bit. You will not be refunded the shipping cost.

Shipping Cost with Insurance from Eaglewood to your location (One way):

  • Canada $20.00
  • USA $25.00

Trials are for a duration of 10 days. The Trial starts the day you receive the bit, and is completed the day you ship it back to us – the date the package is accepted by Canada Post or a courier company.

A late fee for bits shipped back after the last day of the Trial period will be charged at a rate of $10 per day. If the bit has not been returned 10 days from the end of the Trial period, the customer will not be eligible for a refund on the bit deposit.

If the bit is damaged or is lost on its way back to Eaglewood, the customer is responsible for the full retail amount.


Bit Retail value $170.00

Shipped within Canada $20.00

You pay $190.00 ($170.00 Deposit + $20.00 Shipping charge) + Applicable Taxes.

If you return the Bit:

  • You will be refunded $170.00 + Applicable Taxes.
  • Eaglewood keeps $20.00 + Applicable Taxes for shipping costs.
  • You are responsible for shipping the bit back to Eaglewood with adequate insurance.


  • Payments made with PAYPAL: Refunded deposits will take 45 days to return to your original method of payment. For more information please view the bottom of our Return and Exchange Policy.
  • Payments made directly on our website with credit card or E Transfer will be refunded within 7 business days.

To avoid a long wait for your deposit to be refunded please make your payments with credit card or E Transfer on our website.