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Return Policy & Saddle Trials

Our goal is to accurately describe our products through photos and descriptions on our site. If you are still unsure of a product please send us a message through our Contact Us Page .

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a product please view our Return and Exchange policy below:


  1. Confirm your product meets the Product Conditions for Return or Exchange.
  2. Confirm you are within the Product Return or Exchange Timeline
  3. Return your product in store or contact us for a Return Authorization Code (once received you may ship your product back to us within the Timeline).
  4. Products will be assessed if eligible for Refund or Exchange. Please note that the customer may be responsible for any of the following charges: Duty, Tax, Broker Fees, and Original Shipping.
  5. If deemed acceptable for Refund or Exchange a refund will be credited to your original payment form, or an exchange product may be shipped to you. Please note that you may be charged a $5.00 handling fee for exchanges.
  6. Please view Crediting a Refund for the length of time for a refund to be applied to your original form of payment.


Product Conditions:

We do not accept returns or exchanges on the following products:

  • Ingestible Products (Supplements, Treats, Wormers, etc.)
  • Medicated Products (Liquids, Gels, Sprays, Powders, etc.)
  • Any opened Topical, Spray, Gel or Liquid
  • Microchips and Implanters
  • Open Bandaging Supplies
  • Bomber’s Bits
  • Kevin Bacons Products
  • Saddles (New/Used/Consignment)
  • Any Leather product that has been treated with leather soap, conditioner or oil
  • Books and DVDs
  • Custom and special order products
  • Ebay, Kijiji, or Facebook Purchases unless otherwise noted.

Products to be returned or exchanged must be:

  • In new/salable condition
  • Unaltered in anyway
  • Returned in original packaging free of damage (including and not limited to scratches, water damage, dirt, folds in packaging, etc.)
  • Accompanied by all merchandise tags
  • Accompanied by original sales invoice

Clothing, Horse/Dog Blankets, and Saddle Pads:

  • Must have tags attached to garment.
  • Must not be visibly dirty, worn, washed, or have loose animal hairs.
  • Must be returned in packaging exactly how it arrived to you (must be folded correctly in garment bags).


Product Return or Exchange Timeline:

In store purchase – 30 days inclusive of purchase and return date:

  • 30 days from the date of purchase to the date of return.
  • Example: purchase date Jan 1 = Return date before or on Jan 30.

Online purchase – 30 days inclusive of shipment arrival date and return shipping date:

  • 30 days from the date of shipment arrival to the date the shipment is accepted by shipping company.
  • Example: shipment arrival date Jan 1 = Shipment must be accepted (date stamped) by shipping company before or on Jan 30.

We will not accept Returns or Exchanges outside of this Timeline.


Return Shipping:

Return Authorization Code:

If you wish to return a product that was shipped to you, please first contact us for a Return Authorization Code.

Please make sure to contact us before the last 4 days of the Product Return or Exchange Timeline. Once we receive your request for return please allow up to 2 business days for a Return Authorization Code to be emailed to you. Any returns without the Return Authorization Code will not be processed or accepted.

Return Shipping Costs:

Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. This includes shipments that were sent “free shipping” to the customer. We will not accept collect shipments, and they will be refused.

If the product you wish to return was the only product purchased: the cost of the original “free shipping” will be deducted from your refund amount.

For example:

  1. Your single item purchase total was $120.00 and shipped to you for free.
  2. Our shipping cost was $15.00 for the package to be sent to you.
  3. You will only be refunded $120.00 – $15.00 = $105.00

We strongly suggest that adequate insurance be added to any return shipments, as we will not be responsible for any products that arrive damaged, or do not arrive at all.

If you would like we are able to issue return shipping labels (Canada Only). The cost of the return shipping will then be deducted from your return amount.

In the event that a product is defective or was shipped in error, we will cover the return shipping costs.


Exchange Shipping:

Please note that a $5.00 CAD handling fee for products wishing to be exchanged may be charged.


Returns from the USA:

The above policy applies to all returns/exchanges regardless of location.

In addition:

Please use United States Postal Service, which transfers to Canada Post.

When completing the broker/value of goods please declare as RETURN OF CANADIAN GOODS. Do not mark as Sale. Please also be aware that if you do not put the correct value of goods you will not be covered for the total amount in the event of a claim.

If incorrectly marked as Sale, the shipment may be charged duty, taxes, and a broker fee. We are not responsible for these fees and the customer will be responsible for payment.


Crediting a Refund

A refund will be credited back to the original method of purchase.

  • If you paid with a PayPal Account, it will be refunded on your PayPal Account.
  • If you paid with a Credit Card WITHOUT a PayPal Account, it will be refunded back on to the Credit Card that you originally paid with.
  • If you paid with E Transfer, it will be sent back to you as an E Transfer
  • If you paid with Cash or Cheque, you will receive that back respectively.

We use PayPal as our payment processor. If you pay with a credit card without an account you still must use the PayPal Portal. Therefore we are restricted to the PayPal & Your Credit Card’s refund policies.

Important Information if you paid with a Credit Card WITHOUT a PayPal Account:

If you paid with a credit card, the money is refunded to your credit card. If the credit card you paid with is closed or invalid, the money will still be refunded to your credit card account. Please Note: it can take 30-45 days for a refund to appear on your credit card statement. This is out of our control, and the length time for the refund to be applied is the choice of your credit card company.


Saddle Trials

We offer trials on available saddles. If you would like to test a saddle please contact us to make arrangements.

Saddles can be shipped for trials with a credit card deposit. Saddles are shipped with appropriate insurance and the cost is paid by the customer. Please send us a message through our Contact Us Page or give us a call for a shipping quote.

The saddle should be returned in the same condition as when it left our store. Please take necessary precautions to avoid marks or scratches in the leather. Do not ride in jeans or pants that have studs or any other accessories that may mark the saddle.

Stirrups may be used with the saddle with leather covers to protect the flaps. Most of our saddles allow you to use the stirrup leathers underneath (where girth attaches) the flaps to avoid damage. If it is not possible to use the leathers under the flaps please protect the saddle by using leather covers, a cloth to wrap, or a pair of tall socks to slip over them.

Any saddles treated with leather soap, conditioner or oil will not be eligible to receive a full deposit refund upon return. Altering a saddle in any way may void the Saddle Trial Agreement.

Further adjustments on new saddles (Gullet/Tree) are the responsibility of the customer. Saddles may be sent back to Kieffer with a wither tracing at the customer’s expense. Saddles can be altered with a gullet press by certified saddle fitters. Please contact us before altering new saddles to ensure the warranty is not voided.