Alexander the Great. A double jointed sweet iron bit.

Alexanders anatomically shaped mouthpiece 45° twisted french link is laying in the same direction as the tongue. Together with the taste of sweet iron, this bit is readily accepted even by very picky and sensitive horses.

This middle piece works well on a horse who uses his tongue to push against the bit and therefore taking control. 

When taking the reins, it will give both bar and tongue pressure making the horse come back with a lighter feeling in your hands.

  • Every bit is handmade
  • FEI & BD Legal 

Some horses prefer D-Rings before regular loose rings or Eggbut since it gives a more solid feel against the side of the horse’s face.

D-Rings prevents the bit to be pulled through the mouth. 

They also give the rider more leverage with making turns.

Compare to Loose Rings the Dee Rings gives a slightly slower release and poll pressure. 

Some riders think their horse is a bit too heavy and get slower reactions on Dee rings; then I would recommend trying loose rings with Wings instead. 

The wings are an excellent way to avoid pinching of your horse lips and prevent the bit being pulled through the mouth.

This is our points of experience after developing and let equestrians try this product:

  • Alexanders mouthpiece doesn’t take up much space and is easy for horses to accept.
  • Both bar and tongue pressure are applied when you ride with contact. 
  • Sweet iron (blue alloy) is more often accepted by the horse than bits without sweet iron.
  • The 45-degree french link centerpiece follows the contour of the horse’s tongue and is suitable for horses that use its tongue to push against the bit to take control.

Other important information

  • Sweet iron is meant to rust. Most horses love the taste it gives.
  • When you receive your bit it has protection oil to prevent it from rusting before being used. It might make the bit look a bit filthy as first sight. The oil can be cleaned with a simple towel/paper before the first use left as is. The oil is completely harmless for the horse. 
  • If you want to delay the rusting process, wipe the bit dry after every use. 
  • Do you think your bit has become is too rusty after many uses? Put the sweet iron in Coca Cola and the rust will disappear. It is the fosfor in Coca Cola that makes the rust dissolve. Please be careful using any other strong chemicals with fosfor in it! Coca Cola works fine, we promise. 

The blue color of the sweet iron will go away or fade when you choose to do this as well with the rust.

The Fager Horse Logo should always be on the right side of your horse with the logo horse pointing upwards.

Shipping Estimate: 2-3 weeks or sooner.