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Most foalings proceed uneventfully. However, when complications arise, the caretaker or veterinarian can often move swiftly to tackle them. It is therefore important to be aware of the birth as soon as possible.

Complications arise in 10–17% of foalings and are hazardous to both the foal and the mare. The intensity of contractions in mares requires you to assist the foaling quickly.

The Birth Sensor Halter Alarm Pro calls you straight away to let you know the foaling has begun. It communicates via the mobile network, which means it can also be used when away from home. Telephone numbers can be easily set by SMS, and the device sends an automatic text message whenever its batteries need replacing. Complicated settings, such as adjusting the field of detection or contraction analysis, are not necessary with this birth alarm. The Birth Sensor Halter Alarm Pro’s integrated angle sensor determines exactly when foaling begins and helps reduce false alarms to a minimum.

  • Add numbers to the SIM card easily via SMS. The birthsensor will delete all existing numbers from the SIM card and replace them with those in the text message.
  • The Birth Sensor Halter Alarm Pro can send a status text message to give information about the current status. The status text message will be send when the Birthsensor receives a text message with “STATUS?” inside. The Birthsensor will send a status text message back.
  • Mares sometimes lay down to sleep, which can result in the birthsensor issuing a false alarm. The sleep detection will help to reduce these false alarms.
  • The Birth Sensor Halter Alarm Pro is made of high-quality material. The housing consists of cast aluminum with a rubber seal and the mounting plate is made of 10 mm industrial plastic.

The Birth Sensor Halter Alarm Pro is attached with three zip ties to the mare’s halter under the jawline at the throat latch. It will not interfere with the mare or birthing process when attached at this place. Attaching the Birth Sensor Halter Alarm Pro directly under the mare’s head will allow the sensor to work correctly and accurately. 

SIM Card is not included. Mobile plan for SIM card is not included.

Screw driver and three AA batteries are included.

Shipping Estimate: 6 weeks or sooner.

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