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Kieffer Saddle & Bridle Information

Kieffer Saddle Information

As premium manufacturers of quality leather products we feel not only committed towards our customers to produce according to the most advanced ecological principles and methods, we must, of course, also comply with relevant EU directives. Process-related qualities such as leather thickness, colour and surface must meet certain DIN standards, just as must the mechanical properties of the leather, e.g. tensile strength, stitch tear strength or the folding endurance. For years, we have used only high-grade European hides to ensure that kieffer quality products meet these exacting quality requirements.

Advantages of a leather saddle

  • Leather is a natural material, very abrasion-resistant and hard-wearing
  • Leather saddles are breathable and skin-compatible – with positive effect on rider and horse alike
  • Quality leather feels supple, soft and flexible
  • With proper care, a leather saddle is extremely long-lasting
  • Functionality, advantages and quality structure

Kieffer saddle trees are made of high-quality, glass fiber reinforced synthetic material and fitted with a soft, permanently elastic seat covering. In case of emergency, the recessed stirrup bars ensure safe opening even after years of use.

As a basic principle, all current kieffer saddle trees are adjustable. Depending on the model, the width of a kieffer saddle tree can be adjusted either thermal by heating in an infrared process or by cold adjustment of the gullet plate using the kieffer alteration bench. This can be done by a qualified dealer, master saddler or in our own service department.

Quality characteristics:

  • Individual adjustment & optimal fit
  • Comfortable Medico seat & innovative gullet plate
  • High elasticity & flexibility
  • 5-year warranty against breakage

Click here for a video on fitting a horse with a Kieffer saddle.

Additional Kieffer Saddle Information

Kieffer Bridle Information

Best Raw Materials & Excellent Craftmanship:

For many years, Kieffer has been sourcing its bridle leather from the best Italian tanneries. We use cowhides exclusively for the manufacture of our bridles. The bridle leather is vegetable-tanned. This means that only natural and environmentally easily degradable tanning agents may be used to make the hides durable and supple with ultimate strength.

It is a very sophisticated and time-consuming processing method to produce leather which meets Kieffer’s high quality requirements. Only the particularly soft padded elements on the bridle are made from smooth goat leather, since this leather is supple and soft but also sturdy and hard-wearing.

Leather is a natural product but with the correct care, it offers a long life of service in the most diverse uses.

Available in Many Sizes:

Kieffer Snaffle and Double Bridles are available in various sizes according to our models; M-Pony (Medium Pony), L-Pony (Large Pony), Cob, Full, Extra Full, and Cold Blood Horses.

All Snaffle bridles are fitted with webbed reins whereas double bridles are with leather reins.

All Kieffer Crownpiece have a standard width of 25mm, whereas the straps for the cheek pieces and the throat latch are 13mm wide each. The Throat Latch on most models is with buckle-fastening on both sides to allow for a better fit also on horses with shorter heads.

Fitting and Buckles:

Kieffer uses 100% rustproof fittings and buckles. They come in matching colours according to model, either in a chrome or brass coloured finish. Kieffer does not use cheap iron hardware.

The Belinda Crown Piece:

This standard Crown Piece from the Kieffer Classic Snaffle Collection is not lined/padded, but adorns the horse with a simple and classic look.

Ergonomic Crown Piece:

This Crown Piece is a refinement of the classic Belinda Crown Piece, whereby the head strap of the noseband is embedded in the crown piece for an elegant visual effect. The soft padding provides ultimate comfort. This Crown Piece of protected by a registered design.

The Comfort Crown Piece:

The proven advantages of the Ergonomic style Crown Piece have been complemented in this Comfort Crown Piece with an innovative ear cut-back design, which depending on the horses’s physique, will provide increased comfort. his Crown Piece of protected by a registered design.

The Professional Crown Piece:

This Crown Piece includes all the characteristics of the Comfort Crown Piece,  but in addition to the adjustable throat latch the noseband can also be easily adapted on both sides via another strap attached to the Crown Piece.

The Curved Crown Piece:

Like the Anatomic Crown Piece, this one one also has a wide, anatomic fit and is cut away at the ear to allow for extra movement in this sensitive area, and to reduce poll pressure. To further increase comfort, the Crown Piece has a cutout in front and is softly padded. The noseband fastens to the Crown Piece on both sides for ease of fitting.

The Anatomic Crown Piece:

The Anatomic Crown Piece has a wide, anatomic fit and is cut away at the ear to allow for extra movement in this sensitive area, and to reduce poll pressure. To further increase comfort, the Crown Piece is softly padded. The noseband fastens to the headpiece on both sides for ease of fitting.