Kieffer Saddle & Bridle Information

Best Raw Materials & Excellent Craftmanship

For many years, Kieffer has been sourcing its bridle leather from the best Italian tanneries. We use cowhides exclusively for the manufacture of our bridles. The bridle leather is vegetable-tanned. This means that only natural and environmentally easily degradable tanning agents may be used to make the hides durable and supple with ultimate strength.

It is a very sophisticated and time-consuming processing method to produce leather which meets Kieffer’s high quality requirements. Only the particularly soft padded elements on the bridle are made from smooth goat leather, since this leather is supple and soft but also sturdy and hard-wearing.

Leather is a natural product but with the correct care, it offers a long life of service in the most diverse uses.

Kieffer Bridles come in a variety of sizes depending on the model:M-Pony (Medium Pony), L-Pony (Large Pony), Cob, Full, Extra Full, and Cold Blood Horses

  • 100% rustproof fittings and buckles – No cheap iron hardware

  • Crown’s have a standard width of 25mm

  • Cheek pieces and the throat latches are 13mm wide each

  • The Throat Latch on most models buckles on both sides  for a better fit on horses with shorter heads

  • Snaffle bridles are fitted with webbed reins

  • Double bridles are fitted with leather reins

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